The God Stones

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    Trying to nail down what exactly the God Stones do for the 5th Edition rules. Making them out as home brew creations now.
    In a nutshell each one jacks up one of your characters attributes to 30. I was set to 25 back in 2nd edition changed it to fit 5th. Past that each stone will give a spell effect or other condition constantly to represent an aspect of a divine being. Also, the effect of having a God Stone cannot be dispelled in any fashion.
    Same rules apply as before, you destroy a God Stone, you become the God Stone. So until you are killed you have the godly power. But once killed, whomever was in contact with you at death gains the power. In cases of other types of death and no one is in contact with your body you will just revert back to the stone itself again.
    So far I have the green stone giving a CON of 30 and continual regenerate spell effect on the holder. The blue stone give CHA 30 and every charisma check like intimidation or persuasion causes a charm effect for 1 hour.
    2 down, 4 more to go.


    The Red God Stone gives the STR bonus and also give a jump and longstrider spell effect.

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