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    So basically the games kind of ended around us playing the Harbinger House module. This was a safe house of sorts where “gods to be” were. There was a large sphere like thing called the Crux and a smaller version called the Frux. The Crux was obliterated (the Lady herself came in and did that) while the Frux was to be destroyed by one of the players.This is where the shit got real. Rob’s character (remember Rob?) I think was the one who broke the Frux and got the 25 CON power. Matt’s guy, the one we just thought was crazy, ended up being chaotic evil and went after Rob’s character to kill him for it.So the fight ensued through the whole of the dang house with them trying to kill each other while all these semi god people were freaking out. Someone, Gabe or Ben, KOed the two with a prismatic spray or something, but they were knocked out otherwise. Ben and Gabe “decided” that these guys had to go and proceed to do a coup de grace on the knocked out freaks. Tytus had other plans and when Ben’s character was killing Rob’s guy Gabe back stabbed Ben instead. The interesting part was by Ben killing Rob’s guy he gained the God Stone power of 25 Con and survived Gabe’s back stab with like 1 HP left.Now with the Harbinger House being destroyed and the Lady of Pain knowing about it’s residents, all near godly beings were kicked out of Sigil itself. It was presumed that Ben’s guy went to the Outlands (Wildlands), but I think we left it there.Anyone remember Names of characters and such? Who was playing what? Hard to forget Tytus Two-Fingers. Vaughn was rolling around with a tifling. Ben had an Athasian elf.

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    Who all was involved with getting the Cauldron of Plenty? I remember Natalie and Michael playing that one, perhaps Ben was with that group too. Can’t remember how that one ended up shaking out though.
    I think that in game time, some of the players was getting the cauldron while the others were saving Plague Mort.

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